Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun blog, a dress a day! $1 a day to make a "new" dress!

Since this blog IS about saving money, you may LOVE this blog that was featured on Yahoo! today. The blog author, Marisa, has challenged herself to re-create a thrift store, garage sale or such find into a "new" to her dress, using only $1 a day! Every day, for a year! She was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia and this thrust her into her journey of turning old, ugly dresses into new, fun and fashionable ones for only $1!! Very inspiring and fun to read. Take a peek at a few of her before and afters, then visit her blog New Dress A Day to see them all!!

dress for a dollar

  Visit Marisa's blog:   New Dress A Day for stories, and how she does it!!

dress for a dollar

dress for a dollar
Great job Marisa! You are an inspiration to all the frugal, recycle-loving fashionable ladies out there!

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